Herbolysis™ is our patented, highly efficient and environmentally friendly technology to extract, preserve and stabilize Botanicals’ phyto-complex.

In one step, botanicals’ phyto-complex is directly and efficiently transferred into a lipid base, fully preserving plant's phyto-complex marker.

Bioactive compounds are gently extracted with minimal energy use and reduced processing time, offering a dramatic reduction in operating costs.. 

Through Herbolysis™, high quality products in terms of bioactives spectrum and phyto-complex stability are consistently produced, ensuring best theurapeutic effect..

When evaluating extraction methods, these criteria are key: Production efficiency, Equipment, throughput, Cost of production and safety.


Production Efficiency

Over 90% of Lipophilic compounds are transferred into the vegetable oil. No loss of terpenes. No need for pre-drying.


Eligible for GMP compliance.
The process can handle over 1.000 kg of inflorescences per hour, making it the most scalable process.
Scalable to up 100.000 Kg/day.


0% CO2, 0% Organic solvents or harmful substances.
Safe and mild operating conditions. 

Reduction Cost & capital

Significant cost reduction compared to Supercritical CO2.
No need for pre-drying, trimming dewaxing or filtration.
Reduction in operational requirements given its one step integrated process with no use of volatile solvents.

High Stability

Lipophilic compounds stability is greatly enhanced, more than doubling extract shelf life (6+ months).

Preservation of Acidic Form

Thanks to the possibility of working with wet material, Herbolea™ technology can preserve 100% of its Lipophilic compounds in Acidic Forms, CBDA and other valuable components.